The Denim Dog Den

Spring Green, WI

Amy James

Dog and Cat Toys Made from Recycled Denim Jeans and Homemade Healthy Pet Treats

We started The Denim Dog Den in 2014 when we adopted our puppy, Bucky.

Bucky earned the title of “Toy Destroyer”. Every toy we bought him at the store quickly became destroyed. We decided that maybe we could make a toy that would be both durable and fun. We grabbed a pair of denim jeans and got to work, and The Denim Dog Den was born.

Bucky became our first official toy tester. We then added to the family Jovi, a one-year-old German Shepherd mix. Jovi joined the toy testing team and together with Bucky, helped us to design a fun, durable line of quality denim dog toys.

We also had a cat in the family, Yuki, who was getting jealous of all these fun toys the dogs were getting to play with. We decided to start creating denim cat toys, as well as growing and drying our own catnip to use in the cat toys.

Yuki felt like she needed some help. Testing all the cat toys was becoming a lot of work and cutting into her precious nap time. We added a kitten, S’mores, to the kitty testing team. Together, Yuki and S’mores make sure all of the kitty toys are absolutely purrrrrfect!

Our goal at The Denim Dog Den is to provide pets with fun, durable toys while using a recycled material to help our environment.

The Denim Dog Den
P.O. Box 36
Spring Green, WI 53588

Phone: 608-604-7730