Marr’s Valley View Farms

Mineral Point, WI

Mike & Joyce Marr
Lois Federman & Doral Frost

Black Angus Beef

Our Black Angus Beef farm has been in the Marr family since 1874 — proudly celebrating 145 years in 2019! We are the fourth generation, second consecutive brother-sister team to own and operate the business.

In 1999 we began marketing our flavorful, tender Black Angus Beef cuts directly to the consumer. All animals are born and raised on our farm, grass-fed and grain/corn-finished. We do not feed animal byproducts nor use growth hormones. Our state-inspected processing is done by one of the most renowned processors in Wisconsin, Weber’s of Cuba City, where our beef is aged at 34-36°F before packaging. The “aging process” promotes tenderness and allows the flavor to intensify to that mouthwatering Black Angus full-bodied taste.

We sell directly from the farm to consumers, local restaurants, and local retailers. In addition to individual cuts, you can purchase a quarter, half, or whole animal. Contact Mike for details on bulk purchases. Partnering with other family farms, we offer a 3 Meat CSA for consumers from Mineral Point to Madison to Milwaukee. Contact Lois for CSA details.

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